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We can supply  a vehicle for practically every job. From our fleet of pick ups and gators to Landrovers and Range Rovers. All supplied with industry experienced drivers.

Location Vehicles

For £190 a day*, we provide high-quality 4×4 transport. Price include driver and vehicle for 12 hours from call.

4×4 Single Cab

Our single cab pickups offer a perfect all-round solution for on and off road activities. Their flatbed can transport heavy equipment with ease plus they can come with trailers for extra capacity. The perfect work horse to get kit from base to set.

Land Rover 110 Station Wagons

The option for the transportation of crew to and from set in out of the way places. The ideal 4x4s for off-road capabilities for rugged terrain. 7 seater Landrover station wagons make an ideal replacement for minibuses in off road locations.

4×4 Crew Cab

For £190 a day*, we provide high-quality 4×4 transport. Price include driver and vehicle for 12 hours from call.


The ideal transportation for those tight spots or areas where bigger vehicles simply can’t access. Gators have proven that they can get kit to places where pick ups and even Landrovers get stuck in the mud. Their large profile, low pressure tyres leave few tracks and if required, cameras can be mounted to the back bed of these small but useful buggies.

The preferred location vehicle for Royal Parks & stately homes with manicured grass.

Also very good in rough terrain and especially good on sandy beaches due to it’s wide tyres and 6×4 wheel drive.

Our Gators are fitted with tow bars to allow them to pull trailers if required.

* Overtime after 12hrs charged at £20/hr or part thereof. Fuel recharged at cost.

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Other available vehicles

As well as hard-wearing 4×4 transportation, we can also provide general on-set vehicles of all shapes and sizes, including 4-8 seater golf buggies and trailers.

Golf Buggies

A classic on-set vehicle, useful for on-set mobility of personnel with varying sizes to suit different needs.


A large variety of trailers in all shapes and sizes are available as extras. Useful for carrying loads unsuitable for indoor cabs, we also have custom-made trailers for camera transportation and mounting.

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